14.March ハッピーホワイトデー~ 
I miss all Vergil / lovely posts from my friends and thank you for the fan mails. There are some fabulous memories here,I won’t forget all ones that I love.
A girl needs to wear 2 things to look great : “Confidence and Smile
Best wishes to my sweeties!


next gen of gamging.

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Taking the truth is the first step to overcome any misfortune. Only when you face the fact can you get beyond it.


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Levi リヴァイ /(Shingeki No Kyojin)
My favourite SNK character. 

"Darkness is fated to eventually be destroyed…"

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Tidy up my study room, part of my game magazines or books ( DMC,FF and RE) ++..

 Killzone Shadow Fall


Angry Birds Sand Sculpture

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"Video games are bad for you? That’s what they said about rock n’ roll."

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Raidersofthelostart aka Susan Hoerth - 1: The Land of Fairy Tales constructed from a book called Fairy Land dated 1923  2: Grimm’s Fairy Tales Altered Antique book Pop Up style  3: Repurposed Antique Altered Children’s Book Beauty And The Beast and Other Fairy Tales  4: Altered Art Book Autopsy- The Little Chief, 1879  5: Altered Book Autopsy Birds of A Feather    Altered Books